Letter from Michael Rotundo

"Island Estates Homes is the Only Choice – Trust, Respect, Experience, Reasonable, and Honest

My wife and I chose Island Estates Homes to build our home in Port Jefferson Station in 2014 since we sincerely believe that they are the most credible builder of new customized luxury homes on Long Island. We would like to take this opportunity to briefly summarize our experience during this process.

Our 2-year search for a builder led to our initial meeting with the owner of Island Estates, Lennard Axinn, during the early part of 2013. After meeting with a number of different builders on Long Island, we found our initial meeting with Len to be quite refreshing. He was the only builder who personally took the time to walk us through each of the model homes as well as take us for a tour of the available lots on Sweet Woods Court in Port Jefferson Station. Our initial impression of Len was that he was genuinely interested in our plans to build a customized luxury home, intelligent, extremely experienced, and very easy to talk to. Since our plans included a number of customized options and upgrades, we engaged in communications with Len over the course of several months since this first meeting. We were absolutely amazed that every time we reached out to Len either by e-mail, phone, or in-person, he was always willing to make time to respond to all of our inquiries. He was committed to making sure that all of our inquiries were thoroughly addressed. In addition to our initial impression, we found over time that he was dependable, honest, consistent, reasonable, and extremely hands-on when it came to responding to our inquiries. What is important is that Len took the time to respond to numerous requests for information before we made any commitment to go with Island Estates. This type of genuine attention to customer service and respect for the customer is extraordinary. Once we made a final decision to purchase a home, Len and his team scheduled a meeting to finalize everything. At this meeting, everyone discussed in detail all phases of the building of our home so that we knew exactly what to expect as well as specific times where final decisions needed to be made regarding selected customization and upgrade options.

Once a final decision was made to build our new home, we were kept informed about the building process during each and every stage. Since we were living in Brooklyn while the home was being built, we were particularly impressed by how Len’s team made a very active effort to make sure that we were contacted when major decisions needed to be made. They went well beyond what would be expected of a builder. Every weekend, my wife and I would visit the chosen lot to monitor the progress of our home. During the early part of the following week, we would contact Island Estates to communicate any observation or concerns which arose during our most recent visit to the lot. What was quite striking about their response to our inquiries is that they took the time to respond to all of our inquiries in-real time so that our requests would actually be implemented (if possible) within the home that was being built. Such customer service is what separates Island Estates from other builders. Since they really care about satisfying the customer, they made absolutely sure that we were happy with how the home was being built throughout the whole process. There were many occasions where we would meet with members of their team or contractors on the weekend on-site to discuss modifications or changes while the home was being built. This is unprecedented. When we were researching other builders, we found that other builders did not want to be bothered once the contract was signed while the home was being built. Although we understand that building a home is a complex process where there are many contractors involved and strict deadlines which need to be met, Island Estates went the extra distance which allowed us to customize our home while the home was being built.

Rachel Axinn and Amanda Kropacek were very helpful throughout this process. They made sure that all of the additional customizations and upgrades were properly documented. Rachel made sure that each and every one of our requests were actually implemented in-the-field. Everything from customized knobs for our kitchen cabinets – to- requests for customized ledgestone designs on the exterior of our home, she was always there for us. Often, she would actually go to the site to make frequent observations to make sure that our requests were implemented in-the-field. Amanda was very accommodating when we had inquiries regarding additional costs that were incurred due to customization requests. Everything always balanced out as expected throughout this process. There was not one single expense that was not expected.

Jimmy Meyn was the driving force which made sure that all of the contractors on-site were kept on task. We have lost track of how many times he has gone out of his way to help us understand the construction process as well as his hands-on approach to make sure that each and every job is done right. There were so many occasions on the weekend, during the work week, evenings, etc. where he took the time to respond to our needs. There were quite a number of customizations and upgrades which required a great deal of skill and attention to make sure that they were implemented properly. He would always make sure that our needs were met. Long after the house was built, he continues to be there for us whenever we have questions. We consider him a friend of the family rather than the construction foreman who built our home.

We are writing this testimonial approximately one year after we closed on our home in August 2014. Since we closed, Island Estates has continued to be there for us. When some minor modifications or items needed to be fixed or replaced, they were very accommodating to make sure that everything was working as per the warranty. Since a new home has many moving parts, it is not unusual for there to be a few items which may need to be repaired or replaced. We have always felt as though Island Estates is there for us if we need help.

In closing, my wife and I (and 5 year old son) would like to convey our sincerest thank you for building a home for our family that we can feel completely satisfied with. All of the plumbing, electrical, lumber, construction, etc. is of high quality as well as the customer service before, during, and after this process. If you go with Island Estates, you will be completely satisfied and feel safe in your new home for many years to come. Just like us. Since we have quite discerning tastes, this testimonial should be taken seriously. We have done our research and spoken to numerous Island Estates’ homeowners. What is quite amazing is that our story is not that much different from the feedback that we received from other Island Estates’ customers. Every time we see our son playing in our beautiful home and running around in our yard, we feel like we have made the right choice. Trust us when we assert that Island Estates is the only choice on Long Island. If you go with Island Estates, you will contract with a builder that you can trust, respect, benefit from his experience, and count on to be reasonable as well as honest. Thank you Island Estates for our beautiful new home and for always being there for us. You allowed us to make our vision of a dream home become a reality. We love our new home.

The Rotundo Family"


Letter from Kristen & Anthony Fasano

"To all of our friends on the Island Estates Team,

Anthony and I wanted to take the time to write to you and let you know how incredibly happy we are with our new home. 

We made the decision to try and buy a home and after looking at some already built homes we weren't happy with what was out there.  We started bouncing around the idea of building a new home so that we could get exactly what we were looking for and we began searching on the internet.  Island Estates popped up and given the excellent reputation they seemed to have we made an appointment to meet with Len. 

From the minute we met Len we knew that we wanted to trust Island Estates to build our dream home.  Len, you were always straight forward, honest and trustworthy.  Every concern we had, you met us with a solution that was even better than what we had imagined.  You worked with us to come up with a plan that worked for us and allowed us to have our dream home.  We could never have gotten this far without you.  And throughout the whole process, when things were stressful for us because of our tight time constraints, you were the one who always had a way of making us feel better.

To Rachel and Jimmy - thank you so much for putting up with our craziness and our eagerness to get things done, even before you were ready to!  We hope we weren't too much of a pain! 

Jimmy, you made us feel listened to and like all the issues we had along the way in the building process were going to be taken care and they were.  You far exceeded our expectations in everything.  Even after the closing, you continued to come by to make sure that every little thing was perfect.  We won't forget that you came out of your way on a Sunday to apologize for a sub-contractor not showing.  Your level of professionalism and work ethic is second to none. 

Rachel, you were the glue that held it all together for us.  Any questions we had, you were always right there to answer them or to find the answer for us.  And when we had problems with any of the vendors or sub-contractors, you never failed to take care of things and get us exactly what we needed or wanted.   We'll always be grateful to you for the final push at the end to get us the C.O and to get us to closing on time.  From the bottom of our hearts we cannot thank you enough.

All I can say to your prospective clients who are worried about the building process is that they are in excellent hands with the Island Estates team.  We feared the worst when it came to the process and it turned out to be wonderful. It was so exciting to watch our dreams come together - literally one piece at a time.   You have by far lived up the wonderful reputation that you have in Suffolk county and we cannot praise you enough. 

Thank you so much for building us our dream home - it is so much more than we ever even dreamed it could be and we have you to thank for that.  We absolutely LOVE it!

Kristen and Anthony Fasano"


 Excerpts from a letter from Frank & Dawn Gervasi
“Out of all the houses we have built, this one is the greatest.  That’s because we found the best builder! . . .  From start to finish everyone has been professional, helpful, respectful and fun.  You have made this a great experience for us. . .  Island Estates has a great reputation, and now we know why. . .We want to thank all of you for this beautiful house. . .we love it, love it, love it! . . .  We feel like you are part of our family, and when you are done with this project, we will miss all of you. . .  Once again, thank you, and we love all of you!”

Excerpts from a letter from Mr. And Mrs. Robert Konik
"We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for giving us our dream home and for making the whole experience a pure delight... When we first made the decision to buy a home we checked into every builder in Suffolk County and Island Estates stood out far and beyond the others... Thank you for making the building of our home an exciting and fun experience from beginning to end."

Excerpts from a letter from Mary L. Alaimo
"I would like to personally thank you for our lovely new home. It is everything we had hoped it would be and even more... I truly believe that everything went as planned due to your fantastic staff... There are three men I believe were our "angels" throughout the building process... Jimmy always had the answer, a solution and a tissue... George always finds the time to help us... Tim made sure everything was in working order and the house was ready for its 'new family'... Thank you again for our lovely home, but mostly for having such a fine staff to help us along the way... P.S. Have I told you lately that I LOVE MY NEW HOME!"

Excerpts from Christian & Mary Ann Lavoie -- Island Estates at Shoreham
“We have owned our home in Island Estates at Shoreham since June of 1997 … We would like to let you know that we think it is rare for a builder to accept responsibility for homeowner complaints. Island Estates owned up to a problem which was ten years old! That has to fall into the category of ‘It’s Incredible!’
Thank you for resolving a very difficult and trying situation. Everyone involved from Island Estates was most gracious, sympathetic, and thoroughly professional.”

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